Logs for sale in Weymouth, Portland & Dorchester

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New, larger firewood sacks

Dale Culbreth from Coastal Tree Care Ltd explains the differences between our old and new log sacks.  Please continue to return the sacks so that we can re-use them and reduce our impact on the environment.  We produce all of our seasoned firewood logs from the result of our tree care services in the Weymouth and Dorchester areas.

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Firewood Truck Load Video

With the increase in popularity of wood burning stoves, firewood as a fuel source is undergoing a renaissance. If we are sensible in the ways we grow, cut, and burn our firewood, log-burning can be a good, sustainable choice. At Coastal Tree Care we only produce firewood from the trees that we prune or fell.

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Time Lapse Wood Yard Video

We also plant thousands of trees for our customers – both private and corporate. We offer a wide range of logs for sale in Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester – hardwood, softwood and mixed loads. In addition, you can choose between seasoned logs, and unseasoned – if you have space to season the logs yourself you can save money!

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All things Firewood, from the experts at Coastal Tree Care


Many potential customers call to find out the weight or number of logs included in a bulk loose tipper-load. Logs are generally sold by volume, as the drier (more seasoned) the wood, the lighter it is. Our bulk loose load is approximately 2 cubic metres.  That is around the same volume as three builders’ dumpy bags.

We offer LOGS FOR SALE within the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas of Dorset.   Bulk loose loads are delivered for free within these areas.  Customers ordering smaller quantities in sacks can collect them in person, or delivery can be arranged for a reasonable fee.  Please don’t hesitate to call Dale on 07530 686040 for a chat about your requirements.

Our hardwood logs are generally a mixture of apple, ash, beech, birch, cherry, horse chestnut, oak and sycamore.  Any hardwoods may be included, depending on the arisings from our tree work.

Demand always outstrips supply for logs around Weymouth, so order your logs today!  Call Dale on 07530 686040 for free advice on any of our products or services.

Bulk orders are delivered free of charge to customers within ten miles of Weymouth, with our Isuzu tipper truck. The load volume of the tipper bed is 2 cubic metres, so allowing for air gaps between the logs you get around 1.75 cubic metres of logs per truck load – almost three full dumpy bags.

We ask all customers to return our sacks, which helps us to keep costs down and reduce our carbon footprint.  Many customers return these for reuse several times.  The sacks are more than twice as large as the netting bags used by many retailers, so represent great value.

We supply homes, pubs, restaurants and campsites too!  Do you have a large open fire, or a tiny wood-burning stove?   We can deliver the right size of logs to suit your individual needs.

We build bespoke log stores too, so you can store and season your own firewood at home!  Call Dale on 07530 686040 for details.

Try our logs for free! We will happily provide new customers with free sample logs to try.

Bulk loads delivered free

Free delivery of bulk loose loads within the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas of Dorset.

Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester and surrounding area

almost three full dumpy bags per truck load – around 1.75 cubic metres of logs


Wide range of logs for sale – hardwood, softwood and mixed loads - All from our local tree work

Weymouth's Firewood Experts

We process all our firewood from the arisings of our tree work in the local area – which is really sustainable.

Here to Help - Always!

Please don’t hesitate to call Dale on 07530 686040 for a chat about your requirements or questions.

Free Logs for New Customers

Perfect for New Customers – A free trial of sample logs to try.
Many thanks Dale, for your delivery of cut and seasoned logs; well stacked now for the winter.  Prompt and friendly service – will be recommending you and your company to my wood-burner owning friends.
Simon Beare
Great service and the wood is good quality and very dry.  Looking forward to the winter!
Mark Salmon
Good supplier of logs for my wood burner – much better than the nets of garbage you get from a garage !
Mark Sammels
I had a delivery of logs from Dale he was very polite and also very helpful with advice on storing the logs.
Simon Maple
Just had our winter firewood delivered for the second year running from Coastal Tree Care Ltd in Weymouth.  Great reliable service and great quality logs…. and witty banter too!  Thanks guys, see you again next year!
Jane Ramsey