Here’s Bruce undertaking a cherry tree removal in Wyke Regis, prior to felling.  After climbing and removing the top five metres of growth, we had space to safely fell the tree into the front garden.This tree was in relatively good health, but its proximity to a busy road and a garden wall gave the owners cause for concern. If the tree had been planted just 3 or 4 metres back from the road, it would have been able to continue to grow and provide great amenity value for many more years.

The whole job was completed in an hour and a half – with the wood processed into firewood logs (split and stacked ready to season) – and the smaller branches, twigs and leaves taken to feed some local goats. 100% recycling!

If you are concerned about the condition of any trees or hedges on your property, or want to plant a tree but are unsure about which species/variety would be best suited to your situation, give us a call. There are dozens of small trees that are ideally suited to small gardens, and we can help you to make the right choice and reduce the likelihood of future remedial pruning or premature felling. We offer sound arboricultural advice, with no obligation.