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Is Your Firewood Truly “Ready to Burn”?

Certified Quality: DEFRA’s Ready to Burn Scheme

DEFRA’s Ready to Burn certification program, managed by HETAS and Woodsure, ensures cleaner and safer choices for biomass, solid fuels, and related technologies. Both HETAS and Woodsure, as non-profit organisations, are committed to championing sustainability.

Our own committment to sustainability can be seen throughout our site, the “Clean and Dry” ethos and the Quality Assurance in Every Log. Our Ready to Burn firewood is where sustainability meets warmth, smart heating starts with Ready to Burn: choose quality everytime.

At Coastal Tree Care, we pride ourselves on supplying customers with fair, open and honest advice. Woodsure, through its independent inspectors has verified that the seasoned firewood produced by Coastal Tree Care qualifies for certification as having a moisture content of 20% or less. This commitment ensures a cleaner burn with significantly less smoke compared to wetter wood. View our Certification profile here on the Ready to Burn Website

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Coastal Tree Care Ready to Burn Certification Number

Sustainably Sourced, Expertly Certified: Our Ready to Burn Firewood

Adhering to Regulations: Air Quality Standards

Under the Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020, wood fuel sold in volumes under 2m3 must be certified as Ready to Burn. The legislation aims to combat harmful pollution by ensuring wood with 20% or less moisture content is used.

Exceptions and Confidence in Your Purchase

Customers purchasing 2m3 or more of loose wood receive advice on proper storage and seasoning. This empowers them with the confidence that the wood they burn is suitably dry.

Ready to Burn seasoned hardwood logs

Proud of our certification to produce sustainable “Ready to Burn” Firewood

Ready to Burn seasoned hardwood logs
seasoned softwood ready to burn
Ready to burn seasoned softwood

Coastal Tree Care produce sustainable local Seasoned Ready to Burn Firewood logs that
passed regulatory standards and The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020.

Sustainable Warmth Awaits

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Unseasoned hardwood logs

Local and Sustainable

Our “Ready To Burn” Firewood

Coastal tree Care produce Ready to Burn Firewood

Woodsure, runs the the UK’s woodfuel accreditation scheme known as “Ready to Burn”.

The initiative is is the Ready to Burn certification mark, available to suppliers with logs boasting a moisture content below 20%. Emphasising pre-packed woodfuel, the scheme aims to address concerns about air quality linked to wood stoves, and BBQs and to educate consumers about the importance of burning dry wood.

Recent discussions have highlighted the potential lack of awareness among consumers purchasing retail bags of woodfuel. The focus is on whether they realise that the wood they burn might not be suitable for immediate use. Burning wet wood significantly contributes to particulate emissions, whereas burning dry wood offers substantial benefits, especially in modern stoves designed for this purpose.

Key industry players, including major producers of pre-packed woodfuel, have committed to a scheme that not only clearly identifies ready-to-burn wood at the point of sale but also raises awareness among consumers. This initiative aims to ensure that consumers only burn low moisture, ready-to-burn firewood.

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You can view the Coastal Tree Care Ltd Ready To burn profile by clicking here

About the ‘Ready to Burn’ Initiative:

The initiative is designed for wood log producers and features a distinct certification category for dry firewood logs. To qualify, producers must demonstrate through audits and fuel testing that woodfuel labeled as ‘Ready to Burn’ meets specific criteria:

1. Labeled as ‘Ready to Burn’

2. Less than 20% moisture content

3. Point of sale information, labelling, and support

Where applicable, retailers receive information on effective storage to maintain firewood quality

Making dry fuel recognisable to consumers and differentiating it from wet wood will not only boost the sale of dry wood but also educate consumers about its benefits.

The Woodsure scheme operates on the principle that raw materials, from tree collection to forestry thinning or post-timber processing, are legally sourced, processed to meet size and moisture requirements, and clearly identified for the end consumer. HETAS, the Stove Industry Alliance, and pre-packed woodfuel producers support the scheme, and a proposed governance body will oversee its implementation.