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Coastal Tree Care was established in 2011, and we aim to become one of Dorset’s leading providers of arboricultural services.  Our growing reputation is built on the quality of our work.  In particular, providing a comprehensive range of tree and garden services to our clients from Weymouth  and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on supplying customers with honest and fair advice.  For instance, balancing their requirements with our understanding of and respect for trees in all their diversity.
Tree Care Services for Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester, Bridport and throughout Dorset

About us

Unlock the Beauty of our Landscape with Our Tree Care Services

Welcome to a greener future in tree care. In an era where environmental consciousness is not just a trend but a lifestyle, the imperative for sustainable tree care practices has never been more pronounced. Nestled in the heart of Weymouth, Coastal Tree Care Ltd is pioneering a revolution in arboriculture, championing a cause that is close to the earth’s heart — sustainability. This narrative isn’t just about cutting and pruning; it’s a testament to ecological responsibility and profound community engagement.

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that any trees on their land are in a safe condition.

What Makes Tree Care Sustainable?

Beyond the conventional chainsaw, sustainable tree care is an art that blends skill with ecological sensitivity. It’s where the long-term health of trees and their ecosystems are placed at the forefront of every decision. Key to this approach are eco-friendly materials, techniques that minimise environmental impact, and a steadfast commitment to biodiversity. Such practices ensure that our green guardians thrive, thereby contributing to a healthier planet for generations to come.

Property owners have responsibilities for any trees on their land.

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Sustainability at work on our local coast

Woodland Management: Sustainable Outdoor Solutions in Dorset

New Wetlands habitat
Conservation & Ecology Services
Planting the Seeds of Sustainability

Approach to Sustainability


For Coastal Tree Care Ltd, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s the ethos that guides every project…

Redefining Tree Care in Dorset

From Pruning to Planting We Are Redefining Tree Care in Dorset.

From selecting non-toxic solutions for pest management to utilising renewable resources for tree maintenance, the company is a beacon of innovation. A standout initiative is their tree waste recycling program, transforming potential landfill fodder into eco-friendly firewood and committing to the replanting of trees. This holistic approach not only conserves nature but also sets a benchmark for sustainable practices in the arboricultural industry.

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Benefits to the Weymouth area Communities

The ripple effect of our sustainable tree care practices extends far beyond the trees themselves, Coastal Tree cares’s impact on the Weymouth area communities can be seen along much of the Jurassic coast. By preserving the natural landscape responsibly, these practices are instrumental in maintaining local wildlife habitats, bolstering air quality, and stabilising the soil. Coastal Tree Care Ltd goes a step further, weaving the community into the fabric of their mission. Through educational initiatives and active involvement, they cultivate a deeper appreciation for sustainable arboriculture, fostering a symbiotic relationship between nature and society.

Sustainable Solutions in Action

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Coastal Tree Care Ltd’s portfolio brims with success stories where sustainable approaches have not only preserved but enhanced the natural beauty of Weymouth. A notable project was the meticulous pruning of ancient trees in a local park, employing techniques that safeguarded their health and longevity. Such endeavors are met with glowing testimonials from the community, echoing a resounding trust and satisfaction in our services.

Need Advice about Tree Care ?

Need advice about tree care? – call Dale on 07530 686040 for free advice and a competitive quote

Future of Sustainable Tree Care in Weymouth

Coastal Tree Care Ltd is unwavering in its commitment to expanding sustainable practices, ensuring the legacy of sustainable tree care continues to flourish.

Tree care Call Guide

  • Call us on 07530 686040, and ask for Dale
  • We will visit you ASAP, conduct a risk assessment, agree the work specification, and confirm our price
  • Work completed ASAP – full clear-up may follow a few days after the trees have been made safe, to prioritise resources

Phone us on:
01305 771874 | 07530 686 040

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Our Contact Details

Deepdale, 180 Lanehouse Rocks Rd,
Weymouth, Dorset DT4 9HX.

Phone number:
01305 771874 | 07530 686 040

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Woodland Management

Woodland Management. Services include felling, coppicing, restoring lapsed coppice, scrub clearance, Rhododendron management, tree and hedgerow planting and deer fencing.

tree Care Weymouth

Tree Care Weymouth. We provide a wide range of arboricultural services to our clients within the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas. Call Dale on 07530 686040 today for a free quotation with no obligation.

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Storm Damage

Storm Damage: Our Emergency Tree Work services are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trees are susceptible to fall or fail without warning during turbulent storms and high winds. We can make them safe, and clear up the mess.

Approach to Sustainability


Our aim is to be the leading arboricultural contractor in Dorset.
Call our trained arborists to discuss your requirements.

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Our Tree Care FAQ

Tree Care:: We provide a wide range of tree care services to our clients within the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas. Trees have dynamic, self-optimizing structures that make incremental growth each year. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of their biology and physiology. Then, we can make appropriate recommendations for remedial work, if necessary. Any form of pruning is effectively wounding the tree.

Therefore, it is important to undertake any work at a time of year best-suited to the individual species. Our team of trained arborists are able to offer sound, professional advice, without obligation.

Storm Damage: If you have trees that are affected by Storm Damage, we can help to make them safe. Our team of trained arborists can quickly make your trees safe and deal with the mess. Naturally, you can be confident that our team is fully insured.

Crown lifting: selectively removes some of the lower branches of a tree’s crown. The increase in distance between the base of the canopy and ground level allows more light to reach the ground. Consequently, this technique is often used when branches obstruct roads or pavements.

Woodland Management: We undertake a wide range of woodland management services, from selected felling, coppicing, restoring lapsed coppice, scrub clearance, Rhododendron management, tree and hedgerow planting, deer fencing and ivy removal. Give us a call to arrange a site visit and free initial consultation.

Crown Thinning: If you wish to lessen the shade caused by a tree, Crown Thinning is sometimes used in preference to a crown reduction, as it is often a cheaper option. Dead, diseased, damaged and overlapping branches are generally removed first, then a number of small, secondary branches are removed.

  1. Respond verbally to your request for assistance, and arrange for a site assessment as soon as practicable
  2. Conduct a quick but thorough risk assessment before any work is carried out
  3. Arrange for the prompt deployment of all necessary staff and equipment
  4. To resolve the situation as quickly as possible by first making safe the relevant area
  5. Proceed with the relevant emergency tree work in a timely fashion
  6. At busy times, provision will be made for a later return to the site to provide a thorough clean-up service.
  7. We are Environment Agency-registered licensed waste handlers, so will always remove all waste appropriately

Stump Grinding: Stump grinding and removal are highly specialised tasks, particularly in the vicinity of underground services, and should not be attempted without the right training or equipment. Our tree care team have the right tools, the training and the experience to dispose of your stumps cleanly and efficiently.

Crown Reduction: Stump Reduction describes the process of reducing the overall size of the tree, whilst retaining its main shape. A small amount of the end growth is removed from the peripheral branches.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s): Trees in any location may be protected by legislation for a wide variety of reasons. Examples include biodiversity, amenity or to avoid unnecessary tree loss. Proposed tree work might also be subject to legislation covering the protection of bats or nesting birds. The penalties can be very severe. Those guilty of non-compliance could face several thousands of pounds in fines and replacements. The law applies equally to both the contractor and property owner. TPOs are placed on individual trees, groups of trees, and even entire forests and woodlands where the local area benefits from the great aesthetic value of the protected tree/s. Similar statutory protection is afforded to all trees above a certain size (75mm diameter at 1500mm height) inside a conservation area. The protection covers the whole tree, including the roots, which may extend many metres beyond the canopy. We take our obligations to clients and the environment very seriously. Dale can advise on the completion of the application forms, or submit the form for you, for £30 (plus vat). He can also provide a comprehensive, no obligation, written report to accompany the application. All proposed works will be specified to British Standards 3998:2010 – Recommendations for tree work.