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Nature’s Best: Unleash the Beauty with Our Portland Tree Surgery

Are you looking for a tree surgeon in Portland? – as professional arborists, we are trained to select, plant, grow, train, prune, assess the health of and diagnose defects in trees – as well as take appropriate corrective action to reduce the risk of the tree’s failure. We are based in Weymouth, but with a lifetime of Portland knowledge; much of our work is focused in Portland and the surrounding villages in South Dorset.

We offer a full range of arboricultural services, but our other range of services help to differentiate us from any other Dorset tree surgeon. In addition to tree surgery, we offer hedge trimming, garden design and landscaping, grounds maintenance, plant sales, firewood log sales, ecology and conservation work.

TPO Applications. We take our obligations to clients and the environment very seriously, so we are happy to provide advice on the completion of the necessary local authority TPO application forms, or take care of all of the paperwork for you, for a nominal fee of £48.

Portland: Heritage, Biodiversity, Sustainability

We are proud of our role in helping to Preserving Portland: A Haven for Heritage, Biodiversity, and Sustainability on the Jurassic Coast. Dale has a lifetime association with the area,and is passionate about the importance of Portland in the UK for heritage and bio diversity and the Jurassic coast for sustainability, and the ecological importance of its habitat.

As guardians of this natural treasure, it is our collective responsibility to cherish and protect Portland, fostering a harmonious coexistence between human activities and the ecological wonders that make this region so unique.

Portland’s significance in the United Kingdom extends beyond its historical and architectural contributions. This island, situated on the Jurassic Coast, exemplifies the delicate balance between heritage, biodiversity, and sustainability.

At Coastal Tree Care, we pride ourselves on supplying customers with fair, open and honest advice. Our arborists undertake a wide range of arboricultural services (often referred to as tree surgery). All work conforms to British Standards 3998:2010 (Tree Work – Recommendations). We can also provide a comprehensive, no obligation, written quotation to accompany the application, which will outline the works specified to British Standards 3998:2010 – Recommendations for tree work.

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The Health of Trees

Precision in Every Cut: Transform Your Trees with Our Portland Tree Services; simply put, transforming your open spaces and light can be a simple as the right branch being pruned or as in the case of this picture dismantling an over mature ash tree can dramatically enhance your property.

Tree Surgery Portland

Emergency Call Guide

If you have trees that are affected by Storm Damage, we can help to make them safe. Our team of trained arborists can quickly make your trees safe and deal with the mess. Naturally, you can be confident that our team is fully insured.
  • Call us on 07530 686040, and ask for Dale
  • We will visit you ASAP, conduct a risk assessment, agree the work specification, and confirm our price
  • Work completed ASAP – full clear-up may follow a few days after the trees have been made safe, to prioritise resources

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Prior to all work an in-depth risk assessment is carried out. Our comprehensive Health and Safety policy safeguards our staff, the public, our clients’ interests and the environment.

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Our role in Portland FAQ

Nestled along the stunning Jurassic Coast of the United Kingdom, Portland stands as a beacon of environmental importance, boasting a rich heritage, exceptional biodiversity, and a commitment to sustainability. This unique landscape, with its limestone cliffs and diverse habitats, plays a pivotal role in shaping the region’s ecological balance and cultural identity. It is a haven for Heritage, Biodiversity, and Sustainability.

Our Corporate Clients: Our list of corporate clients include Tout Quarry SculpturePark, Blacknoll Ltd, the Dorset Wildlife Trust, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the Westcountry Rivers Trust and Seaview Holiday Park (Bourne Leisure Ltd).

All work is carried out to BS 3998:2010 – Tree Work Recommendations, and we hold comprehensive public liability and employers liability insurance.



Portland’s history is etched in its limestone formations, which have been quarried for centuries. The Isle of Portland is renowned for its iconic Portland Stone, a globally acclaimed building material that has been used in famous structures such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. The extraction of Portland Stone has been a vital economic activity, contributing to the region’s prosperity while leaving a lasting mark on architectural history.

The Jurassic Coast:

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jurassic Coast spans over 95 miles of coastline, with Portland at its heart. This geological wonder showcases millions of years of Earth’s history, offering a unique window into ancient ecosystems and extinct species. The cliffs and rocky shores of the Jurassic Coast provide a natural canvas for understanding the evolution of life on our planet.


Portland’s diverse habitats, ranging from limestone grasslands to coastal cliffs, harbor a rich array of flora and fauna. Rare and endemic plant species, such as the Portland Spurge and Portland Sea Lavender, thrive in the island’s unique conditions. Additionally, the limestone grasslands provide crucial habitats for butterflies, including the Adonis Blue and Silver-studded Blue.

The coastal waters surrounding Portland support a variety of marine life, including seabirds, seals, and a myriad of fish species. The interconnectedness of these ecosystems fosters biodiversity and contributes to the overall health of the region.


As global awareness of environmental issues grows, Portland is taking strides towards sustainability. Conservation efforts focus on preserving the delicate balance between human activities and the natural environment. Sustainable quarrying practices aim to minimize the impact on local ecosystems, ensuring the continued availability of Portland Stone while safeguarding the island’s unique biodiversity.

The Jurassic Coast acts as a living laboratory for sustainable practices, inspiring initiatives that prioritize conservation and responsible tourism. Local communities are actively engaged in preserving the natural beauty of the area, understanding that a harmonious relationship with the environment is crucial for long-term sustainability.

Ecological Importance:

Portland’s varied landscapes provide critical habitats for both resident and migratory bird species. The rugged cliffs offer nesting sites for seabirds like Guillemots and Kittiwakes, contributing to the coastal ecosystem’s resilience. Additionally, the intertidal zones and rocky shores support diverse marine life, enhancing the overall ecological balance.

The presence of rare and endemic species highlights the importance of preserving Portland as a sanctuary for biodiversity. Conservation efforts must address the delicate interplay between human activities, economic interests, and ecological health to ensure the sustained well-being of this natural haven.