Tree Felling

There are many reasons why it might become necessary to fell and remove trees. All tree felling decisions are informed by a thorough risk assessment, and the most important factor is usually the tree’s location in relation to potential hazards – is it next to a road, or in a busy public park where there is a high risk that it could kill somebody or damage property if it were to fail? Trees are often planted in unsuitable locations and can cause damage to overhead and underground services, so it is often wise to remove them and replant with a smaller species.

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that any trees on their land are in a safe condition.  We can provide advice on your trees’ relative condition, and help to identify unacceptable risks caused by dead, diseased or over-sized trees. If it is decided that tree felling is required, it is important to consider what to do with the stump. Even after tree felling, the stump and associated woody roots can cause hazards or provide benefits.  We can chemically treat a stump to prevent regrowth, or use a stump grinder to remove the stump to around 20cm below ground level.  Give us a call for some expert advice and a free quotation.


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Need Advice about Tree Felling ?

Need advice about tree felling? – call Dale on 07530 686040 for free advice and a competitive quote

Our Tree Felling Call Out Process

Emergency Call Guide

  • Call us on 07530 686040, and ask for Dale
  • We will visit you ASAP, conduct a risk assessment, agree the work specification, and confirm our price
  • Work completed ASAP – full clear-up may follow a few days after the trees have been made safe, to prioritise resources

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