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If you have browsed through our site, you will have noticed that we place a big emphasis on the quality of our service.  We will always provide you with honest, straightforward advice.   Sometimes that means that we may not end up taking on a particular piece of work.  Our frequently asked questions (faq’s) cover some of the basics, but don’t hesitate to call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874.

Ask The Professionals

We get asked about these things every day, so don’t be shy!

What is a Professional Arborist?

An arborist by definition is an individual who is trained in the practice and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. There are a number of formal, theoretical qualifications covering arboricultural work, and many more practical qualifications – many based around chainsaw use and climbing. If in doubt, you should ask arborists about their qualifications – reputable ones will be happy to show you copies of certificates, as well as details of their insurance cover!

How much do your services cost?

We price each job on an individual basis to ensure that we can be as competitive as possible.

What insurance cover do you hold?

Coastal Tree Care (Coastal Garden Projects) holds Employers Liability insurance of £10,000,000 and Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 with XL London Market Ltd.

How soon can you come?

We aim to visit you as soon as possible, however for routine work we endeavor to “slot in” your visit between contracted larger works. This helps reduce your costs. For urgent or Emergency work we do provide a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year service.

CALL : 07530 686040

How much mess will be left?

At Coastal Tree Care we pride ourselves in providing a high quality service. This includes leaving the area tidy after the operation is complete, so we take care to ensure that all waste (including sawdust, leaves and twigs) is removed when we leave your property.

What is a TPO?

Trees in any location may be protected by legislation for a wide variety of reasons; biodiversity, amenity or to avoid unnecessary tree loss. Proposed tree work might also be subject to legislation covering the protection of bats or nesting birds. The penalties are quite severe and those guilty of non-compliance could face several thousands of pounds in fines. Both the contractor and property owner could be found liable!

Tree Preservation Orders are placed on individual trees, groups of trees, and even entire forests and woodlands where the local area benefits from the great aesthetic value of the protected tree/s. Similar statutory protection is afforded to all trees above a certain size (75mm diameter at 1500mm height) inside a conservation area. The protection covers the whole tree, including the root zone, which may extend many metres beyond the extent of the canopy.

I’ve got a tree with a TPO, but I think there may be something wrong with it. What can I do?

You could either talk to your local authority Tree Officer for advice directly, or contact an arborist for advice. If a tree is dead, damaged, or dangerous it can technically be made safe without permission from your local Planning Department. If the tree is alive, you normally need to submit an application to have any work carried out on the affected tree. A trained arborist should be able to identify any health problems or defects in the tree

We take our obligations to clients and the environment very seriously. We provide advice on the completion of the necessary local authority application forms, or take care of all of the paperwork for you, for a nominal fee of £40 plus vat. We can also provide a comprehensive, no obligation, written quotation to accompany the application, which will outline the works specified to British Standards 3998:2010 – Recommendations for tree work.

What happens to all of the tree cuttings?

Tree cuttings are known as arisings in the arboricultural world. Disposal options are discussed and agreed with the client before work is started. We can remove all waste for recycling, or leave some material on site if requested, as logs, mulch or habitat piles.

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding involves cutting the stump into small wood chips, using a large, purpose-built machine. Stump grinding can remove tree stumps to 20cm below ground level, enabling the area to be replanted, covered with turf or even paved-over. Because of the size of the machine, there needs to be reasonable access to the area of the stump.

I have ordered a bulk load of Firewood – where do you put it?

With our Firewood bulk order packages, we deliver to the place you have requested and “tip” the loose load onto a designated area of your choice, dependent on the access. We do not routinely stack logs for customers on delivery, but if you have special needs please call us to see how we can help.

Didn’t find the answer?

Our FAQ section is pretty comprehensive, but don’t hesitate to call Dale on 01305 771874 or 07530 686040.  With the wonders of modern technology, we aim to respond to all inquiries within a couple of hours.


From planting to felling, and everything in between.

We can carry out hedge trimming on all types and heights of hedges. All recognised forms of tree work undertaken – crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, tree felling and stump grinding. If stump grinding is impractical, we are qualified to use chemical herbicides to prevent regrowth from the stump. All waste is disposed of according to the clients’ wishes, and we hold an Environment Agency Waste Carriers’ Licence.

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Ready to Burn seasoned hardwood logs

Proud of our certification to produce sustainable “Ready to Burn” Firewood

Ready to Burn seasoned hardwood logs
seasoned softwood ready to burn
Ready to burn seasoned softwood

Coastal Tree Care produce sustainable local Seasoned Ready to Burn Firewood logs that
passed regulatory standards and The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020.


If you have browsed through our site, you will have noticed that we place a big emphasis on the quality of our service. We will always provide you with honest, straightforward advice – even if it means that we may not end up taking on a particular piece of work. It is also fair to say that we have our limitations, and will advise only on matters that fall within our training, expertise and experience. We want you to be absolutely delighted with our service, and recommend us to all your friends!


Increasingly, we are advising clients to take a proactive approach to managing their trees. A survey now can identify potential problems, and work can sometimes be carried out to mitigate the risk of future tree failure. Don’t wait for a diseased tree to fall apart. It’s failure could cause life changing personal injury, death or damage to property. A tree management plan helps you to fulfill, and demonstrate your ‘Duty of Care’. Planned work will always be cheaper than a reactive emergency call out. Let Coastal Tree Care help you look after your living assets, as they are a gift for future generations.

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Prior to every job, we will agree a clear work specification with the client, and complete a site specific risk assessment. This takes into account the precise nature of the task – which is often inherently dangerous – along with other factors such as the location of the tree/s, access requirements, any ‘targets’ that we need to avoid (greenhouses, sheds, etc), and the weather conditions on the day of the job.

You can never be absolutely sure that an accident won’t occur, but it pays to be prepared!

Safety is never an accident.