Understanding Arboriculture: Nurturing Green Spaces

Arboriculture is the dedicated science and practice of caring for plants, trees, and shrubs. The Coastal Tree Care Arborists specialise in maintaining green spaces, focusing on aesthetics and the well-being of trees. Unlike forestry contractors, arborists prioritize the visual appeal of wooded areas over timber or fruit production. Their expertise extends to risk management and tree safety studies.

Arboriculture vs. Tree Surgery: Unveiling the Differences

Arborists and tree surgeons play distinct roles. While arborists focus on treating damaged trees, conducting inspections, and offering management advice, tree surgeons specialise in felling, site clearance, emergency tree care, and stump grinding.

1. Tree Health for Environmental Well-being

Maintaining healthy trees contributes to a thriving environment. Trees act as natural filters for dust and pollutants, with many species possessing medicinal properties. For instance, the Alder tree’s bark contains salicin, an anti-inflammatory compound. Trees also promote mental well-being by reducing stress, stabilizing blood pressure, and alleviating anxiety.

2. Preserving Wildlife Habitats

Arborists ensure the health of trees, preserving vital habitats for diverse wildlife. Trees and plants provide shelter and sustenance for insects, birds, and mammals.



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3. Economic Benefits of Healthy Trees

Healthy trees enhance property values and boost employee satisfaction by offering proximity to green spaces. Shaded areas with trees also encourage shoppers to linger and make more purchases.

4. Building a Proud Community

Well-maintained parks and woodlands foster community pride, providing residents with spaces to relax, read, and take walks.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Arborists play a pivotal role in ensuring parks and woodlands remain visually appealing, preventing dead trees and shrubs from detracting from the scenery.

Delving into Arboriculture’s Roots: The Origin of Tree Surgery

Arboriculture traces its roots back to the 1800s. John Davey, considered the father of tree surgery, founded the Davey Tree Expert Company in the late 19th century. His commitment to proper tree care, reflected in the motto “do it right or don’t do it at all,” revolutionized the industry. Davey’s influential book, ‘The Tree Doctor,’ detailed his arboricultural methods and inventions, shaping the future of tree care.

Choose Coastal Tree Care for Expert Arboriculture Services

At Coastal Tree Care, our team of trained arborists excels in green space management. We offer comprehensive arboricultural consultancy services, ensuring your green spaces are expertly managed. Contact us today to elevate the care of your outdoor environment.

We provide a wide range of arboricultural services to our clients within the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas. Arboriculture is the science and practice of tree care – from planting through to felling, and everything in between.

Trees have dynamic, self-optimizing structures that make incremental growth each year. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of their biology and physiology before making any recommendations for remedial work. Any form of pruning is effectively wounding the tree, so it is important to undertake any remedial work at a time of year best-suited to the individual species.

Our team of trained arborists are able to offer sound, professional advice, and help you to maintain your trees in good health. Talk to us about our Tree Management Plans – we can carry out a visual assessment of your trees and recommend remedial work where appropriate to try and prevent predictable tree failures. Sound advice and appropriate remedial pruning will always be less expensive than emergency tree work.

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For our Our Dorset based Arboricultural services
  • Call us on 07530 686040, and ask for Dale
  • We will visit you ASAP, conduct a risk assessment, agree the work specification, and confirm our price
  • Work completed ASAP – full clear-up may follow a few days after the trees have been made safe, to prioritise resources
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As Tree surgeons we are are often called upon to respond to emergency situations, such as storm damage or fallen trees. In the aftermath of severe weather events, Our team’s expertise is invaluable in quickly assessing the situation, removing hazardous debris, and restoring safety to the affected areas. Rapid response from Coastal Tree Care tree surgeons continues to help Dorset communities recover more efficiently from natural disasters.

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