Felling a large ash tree in Weymouth

The owner of this small Weymouth woodland got in touch because he wanted some advice.  The site is close to a busy main road.  Several large trees are growing over the road and the owner’s home.  We arranged to meet at the woodland, where I inspected the trees following an initial discussion.  Consequently I proposed removing deadwood and reducing the crowns of several mature trees.  In addition, I recommended felling a large ash tree that had significant decay throughout its canopy.

Tree Preservation Orders

Many of the trees in this part of the garden have tree preservation orders.  TPOs are placed on individual trees, groups of trees, and even entire forests and woodlands.   In fact, anywhere the local area benefits from the great aesthetic value of the protected tree/s.   Similar statutory protection is afforded to all trees above a certain size (75mm diameter at 1500mm height) inside a conservation area.  The protection covers the whole tree, including the roots, which usually extend many metres beyond the tree’s outer canopy.

Trees may be protected by legislation for a wide variety of reasons.  Examples include biodiversity, amenity or to avoid unnecessary tree loss.  Proposed tree work might also be subject to legislation.  For instance, covering the protection of bats or nesting birds.  The penalties can be very severe.  Those guilty of non-compliance could face several thousands of pounds in fines and replacements.  The law applies equally to both the contractor and property owner.

We take our obligations to clients and the environment very seriously.  Dale can advise on the correct completion of the application forms.  Alternatively, we can submit the form for you, for £30 (plus vat).   We specify all proposed works to British Standards 3998:2010 – Recommendations for tree work.

Tree felling

Tree felling recommendations are not made lightly.  There are many reasons why it might become necessary to fell a tree.   Decisions are informed by a thorough risk assessment.   The tree’s location  is usually the most important factor.   Are there any potential hazards close by?   It follows that we try to keep trees wherever possible.  We will always advise on alternative management options where appropriate.  In this case we had to climb and dismantle the canopy before felling a large ash tree.   This was due to the close proximity of other trees, as well as the buildings beneath the canopy.   There wasn’t room to simply fell the tree.  I felled the main stem onto the path, once all of the branches had been removed.

Do you have any concerns about your trees?

Call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874 if you are concerned about any aspect of tree safety.  We offer professional advice, with no obligation.