We take training and development seriously here at Coastal Tree Care, so we’re pleased to be able to report on our recent team training day with ABC Response. We got together with colleagues from East Fleet Farm Touring Park and Greenwood Workshop at the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s headquarters, and had a really informative, fun and interactive session concentrating on emergency first aid training with a forestry bias (known as EFAW +F).

The content covered standard illnesses but particularly focussed on injuries and health problems arising from forestry, arboriculture and conservation work. Typically, these might include serious lacerations (chainsaw injuries), amputations, major blood loss, crush injuries, falls from height and shock. Less dramatically, we learnt how to safely remove ticks (which carry Lyme’s Disease).

If anybody out there is looking for a good Emergency First Aid at Work training provider, I can wholeheartedly recommend ABC Response – http://www.abc-response.co.uk