At Coastal Tree Care we actively seek opportunities for continuous personal development, and in this case, took a day out of our schedule to undertake ground workers’ training for sectional tree dismantling, rigging and lowering. Our climbing arborists (formerly known as ‘Tree Surgeons’) are trained and qualified to dismantle trees limb by limb, and the purpose of this training was to provide the whole team with the required skills to fulfil their roles during tree rigging and lowering operations. Experience within the team is quite varied, so we thought it important to run a whole-team training event to ensure that everyone had the necessary knowledge of the knots, equipment and techniques required to perform this highly skilled work in a competent, efficient and safe manner.


The choice of training provider was a simple one – we use Derek Brinsley Ltd (Arboricultural Training and Consultancy) for all of our arborist team’s training and development needs. I discussed our requirements with Derek and he was able to tailor a certificated course to suit our exact needs – “Supporting colleagues undertaking off-ground tree related operations”.

Derek and the Coastal Tree Care team pose in the late afternoon sun after ground workers' training