“So, how big is a sack of hardwood logs?”  We are often asked this, or similar questions by new customers.  Other common queries are, “How big are your logs?” or “How many logs do you get in a sack?”  If you are new to wood-burning, or have just moved to the Weymouth area, these are good questions.  You need to find a firewood supplier that you can trust.  This video clip shows you exactly how big one of our sacks of logs is.

Do we need hardwood or softwood logs?

In most wood-burning stoves, you can burn either hard or soft wood, so long as the logs are well-seasoned.  Hardwood burns for longer, giving off more heat energy.  Softwood generally burns hotter, but more quickly.  Although hardwood is more expensive than softwood, it does actually offer greater value.  The difference in price relates to the longer seasoning time required for hardwoods.  Typically 18 months and longer, compared to 6-12 months for most softwood logs.  Manufacturers and suppliers  always recommend that you only burn hardwood.  For more details read our guide to firewood.

Order your firewood now

Don’t wait until the depths of winter when stocks are at their lowest!  We can book a delivery date now for any time of the year.  If you live in the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas, book your log delivery now.  We deliver logs all year round, and offer discounts for unseasoned firewood.  Call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874.