Logs for sale in the Weymouth area.

You will probably have noticed that we sell seasoned and unseasoned firewood, and offer log delivery to customers in the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas. We’re often asked how many logs, or what weight of logs are included in a bulk, loose-load log delivery in the Weymouth area. This brief video has been added to give prospective customers a clear idea of how many logs they can expect from a tipper truck load. The volume of the tipper bed is 1.96 cubic metres. Logs aren’t usually sold by weight, as the drier they are – the less they weigh, and we want our logs to be as dry as possible to burn efficiently.

Go to our ‘Firewood’ page for more details and to order on-line via Paypal. If you’d prefer not to order on-line, give Dale a call to arrange to pay by cash on delivery.