Bark mulch, native hedgerow planting, tree planting,

20 dumpy bags ready for action…

Hedge planting, Bude, native hedgerow planting, tree planting,

Connor and Dan start the native hedgerow planting

native hedgerow planting, tree planting,

Mega mulching! As the planting site was almost 350 metres long, each trip to the other end of the hedgeline involved a round trip of almost half a mile. Oh, and it rained most of the time!

native hedgerow planting, tree planting, alnus glutinosa, alder

Planting and mulching an alder (Alnus glutinosa) in a damp site

Native hedgerow planting, Bude, Cornwall

This week we have had a team working near Bude, in North Cornwall.  Our client, PS Renewables commissioned us to create 340 metres of native hedgerow planting, and plant 17 specimen trees suitable for the challenging conditions. The site is both very exposed, and wet, so plants were specified to cope with, or, ideally thrive in the conditions.  The tree selection included alder, downy birch, hazel, thorns and two species of willow.

The objective at the site is primarily to reduce the visual impact of the solar panels, whilst creating amenity value and habitat for a diverse range of fauna. Following planting with slow-release fertiliser, all of the trees and hedging were given a generous mulch to suppress weed growth, and to help retain moisture in drier periods throughout the year.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain…

Despite the appalling weather and boggy surface conditions, the team did me proud and completed the job on schedule. We enjoyed the change of scenery, and are grateful to the staff at the Falcon Hotel in Bude for their hospitality – particularly their fantastic breakfasts!

Our team has a great track record in native hedgerow planting, so please get in touch for some free advice and a no-obligation quotation if you are in the South West region.