Many of the trees and shrubs we are asked to remove or prune have simply been planted too close to a home, wall, road or other ‘target’ – where they quickly outgrow their space.  This Pittosporum removal was undertaken because the client was worried about its size and proximity to both her, and her neighbours’ homes. The tree was around 7 metres tall, and planted just 2 metres from the house (1 metre from her neighbour’s house). It had already ruined the paving of the patio as its roots expanded above the surface of the ground.

It wasn’t possible to fell the tree without damaging walls, other features and plants in the garden, so here you can see Dale near the end of the operation, safely removing small sections of the tree. Arborists refer to this as a sectional dismantling. The tree is climbed and branches are removed in sections, then lowered under control to workers on the ground. Normally ropes and rigging devices are used, but on this occasion they were not necessary.

In the majority of cases, we are able to reduce the size of a tree’s canopy in preference to felling. If you are worried about the size or health of any trees on your property, get in touch for some free advice, with no obligation.