Out with the old…

The clients at this Portland property asked us to remove a very scruffy conifer hedge, and replant with Yew.  Unbeknown to them at the time, their existing hedge was dying because of some very inconsiderate fencing contractors.  These men had dug out some of the roots to concrete-in their posts.  That was bad enough.  They then also decided to pile concrete around the tree stems, so it was no wonder they were struggling!  So our first job was to fell the sad-looking conifers, then prepare the ground for planting a yew hedge.  We added some compost, peat-substitute and general purpose fertiliser to the impoverished soil. Additionally, we widened the planting bed by around 40 centimetres, creating more space for the yew trees’ roots.

And in with the new… planting a yew hedge

As with any new planting, there are a number of factors to consider before deciding what to plant.  What are the site conditions like?  How about the aspect? Is it bright, or shaded?  What type of soil is there?  How big do the plants eventually get?  Are they easy or demanding to look after?  Evergreen or deciduous, mixed species or single species?  Do you want thorns?  Native or exotic?  Wildlife-friendly? And the list goes on…  This is where we come in.  We have the knowledge and experience to give you straightforward advice about planting a yew hedge, or anything else.  In this case we have a shady, north-east-facing border with poor, dry soil.  Despite being known for its uncompromising, salt-laden gales, this Portland garden provides shelter to the prevailing westerly winds.  Yews will be ideal in this situation.  The clients wanted to have reasonably mature plants to start out with, as yew is slow-growing.  Although larger plants will be more expensive, you need far fewer of them to establish a new hedge.  In this case we only needed seven plants, and we finished-off the planting with a mulch of composted bark.

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