Dismantling a large willow tree

We recently received a call from some existing clients in Weymouth, asking about dismantling a large willow tree.  The tree had died during the last season, as a result of improvements to the drainage in the garden.  Felling the tree wasn’t an option, due to the size and the proximity of other trees and garden features.  Willow trees need lots of water during the growing season, so the drier conditions probably led to the tree’s death.  The willow adjacent to this one is still alive, so we had to carefully lower most of the branches.  This avoided unnecessary damage to the remaining tree.  Tremayne rigged and cut the branches into manageable, though often still quite large pieces.  Sean and Dale lowered them safely to the ground.  We chipped all of the small branches, subsequently using the wood chip for a garden mulch.  Larger branches and ‘rings’ were processed into firewood.

Do you have any concerns about trees in your garden?

If so, call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874 if you are concerned about any aspect of tree safetyThe recent prolonged spell of stormy weather may have caused branches to snap.  Very windy weather can damage roots, causing trees to lean over at an angle.  Some trees will have uprooted entirely!  We can provide you with sensible advice, and undertake remedial works where appropriate.