Tree Management by Weymouth’s arboricultural experts

We always encourage our clients to be proactive when it comes to looking after their trees.  The recent severe gales have resulted in a lot of storm damage, with the resulting expensive tree surgery.   If you adopt a proactive tree management approach many storm-related incidents could be prevented.  Or, if not prevented, certainly minimised.

We look after the trees and shrubs at a large number of properties in South Dorset.  The residents at this Weymouth apartment complex called us after a recent storm.  One of the trees had snapped in the middle of the stem.  The top of the tree crashed down into the neighbouring garden, unfortunately damaging their fruit trees.   We cleared the fallen canopy away after a thorough risk assessment.  The team chipped all of the small branches so the wood chip could be used as garden mulch.   Larger branches were processed into firewood, ready for seasoning.   The residents were keen to review the other trees, hoping to prevent further catastrophic failures.  After assessing the other trees at the property we came up with a tree management plan.  Quite simply, we agreed that some of the other taller trees would benefit from being reduced in size.

A tree management plan needn’t be costly.  We can, of course, provide written tree inspection reports, inventories and tree management plans.  Often though, we can simply provide verbal advice during a site visit and arrange to do the follow-up work  if required.  The idea is to be proactive rather than reactive, acting to minimise any risk of tree failure.

Do you have any concerns about trees in your garden?

Call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874 if you are concerned about any aspect of tree safetyThe recent spell of stormy weather may have caused branches to snap.  Very windy weather can damage roots, causing trees to lean over at an angle.  Some trees will have uprooted entirely!  We can provide you with sensible advice, then undertake remedial works where appropriate.