We have just undertaken some tree felling at Buxton Road, Weymouth. Our clients called us in to have a look at a large eucalyptus tree that had already lost big branches in recent storms, and its roots were damaging the adjacent sewer pipe that ran down through the garden. They also asked us to remove a fairly large cypress tree that was dominating an area of other trees and shrubs, and suppressing their growth. Since both trees had TPOs we submitted the relevant application for tree work to the local authority, and pencilled-in a date in the diary for the work.

Following approval, we were able to get on with the work. The proximity of the eucalyptus to other trees and shrubs, and a garden building, meant that we needed to carefully rig and lower most of the tree to avoid damage. The cypress was much more straightforward. We simply started at the base, clearing the lower stems, then felled the tree across the lawn before clearing the arisings away. Fortunately, the clients were keen to recycle all of their waste. Our portable chipper is great for this type of job! We wheeled it down the side access to the garden, and chipped all of the branches in situ to be used as garden mulch or compost. All larger branches and stems were left for the clients to use as firewood, so absolutely nothing was removed from site!

tree felling

Cypress tree felling at Buxton Road, Weymouth. If you have any trees in your garden that you are worried about, you know where to come!