Felling a Dawn Redwood tree

The clients at this Weymouth property were concerned about the size of the Dawn Redwood tree –Metasequoia glyptostroboides – in their back garden.  Although it was still a relatively young tree, it was growing close to the boundary fence, and was taller than the neighboring house.  The roots were protruding above the lawn, and significantly, heading under the timber deck towards the house itself. The owners decided that they didn’t want the risk of the tree failing in high winds, or it’s roots causing damage.  They Googled tree surgery in Weymouth and gave us a call after we appeared at the top of the Google Places map of local business.

The plan

The tree was growing next to the garden shed, and just a few feet from the rear boundary fence.  It was too tall to simply fell into the garden so we needed to dismantle the upper branches.  After removing most of the tree’s height, we could fell the remaining stem, and clear away the arisings.  We set up a portable lowering block as we worked, to safely lower all the branches.  I was able to control each section with the lowering rope, therefor avoiding damage to the shed.  Danny worked through the crown of the tree, I lowered the branches and then Jamiee dragged them to the chipper.  I’m happy to report that everything went to plan, and most importantly, the owners were delighted with our work.  You can see their video testimonial here, on our Facebook page, in addition to reviews from other customers.

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