Welcome to our wood yard!

The Coastal Tree Care team have been busy processing firewood logs. Many trees are hosting nesting birds in early Spring, so most tree work is carried out during autumn or winter. Trees generally respond better to pruning when the work is carried out in the dormant season, so this makes sense. We season all of our firewood outdoors, with some kept under lean-to shelters. Many clients ask how to season firewood logs, so that they can order the wood when it is unseasoned.

How to season firewood logs

This really is simple. Find a spot in your garden that gets as much sun and wind as possible (south or south-west facing). This isn’t generally a problem around Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester! Stack your logs, raised off the ground, and supported at the ends of the pile to stop them falling over. If you have a south or west-facing wall, you can stack the logs two or three deep against it. The logs make a really attractive, rustic feature. Leave softwood to season for one year, and leave hardwood to season for up to two years. You don’t need to cover the logs to keep rain off, unless there is prolonged rain over many days. The rain dries from the surface of the logs quickly, with just a day or two of sunshine. Having said that, a log store can be an attractive, and practical addition to the garden. We can even make you one to fit your space, so give us a call for a quote!

Should you burn hard or soft wood?

Many customers only order hardwood, and I would advocate that especially if you have an open fire. Wood burning stoves are far more efficient than open hearths, and many customers burn softwood or mixed logs. This is because the potential build-up of tars or creosote inside the chimney, caused by softwood burning inefficiently, is vastly reduced by the clean burn provided by the wood burner. The most important thing to remember is that your wood must be as dry as possible. Wet wood will simply not burn well, and it will give off very little heat. For more details read our guide to firewood.

Don’t wait – order your firewood now

Don’t wait until the depths of winter when log stocks are at their lowest! We can book a delivery date now for any time of the year. If you live in the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas, book your log delivery now. We deliver logs all year round, and offer discounts for unseasoned firewood. Now that you know how to season firewood logs, there’s no reason not to plan ahead and save money.

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