Green Heating for a Cozy Winter: Explore Our Sustainable Firewood Logs Here

Dale and Dan spend the morning processing beech and cypress firewood for seasoning. We will be splitting and stacking firewood throughout the year in an attempt to satisfy demand when the nights draw in this coming Autumn.

These logs will be ready for burning next Autumn/Winter, although if you have space to season your own logs you can order a load to be delivered at any time and save some money! Call Dale for more details on 07530 686040

Fuel Your Winter Comfort with Our Responsibly Produced Firewood – Order Today

Our “Ready to Burn” Logs

Waste not, want not – our Sustainable Waste Management program ensures responsible disposal and recycling. More than 99% of our logs hail from Weymouth and Dorchester, sustainably produced and seasoned for at least a year. Locals, let us supply your seasoned firewood logs for a sustainable winter.


Warmth with a Conscience: clients enjoy raging Winter fires with Locally Sourced “Ready to Burn” Firewood logs Produced by Us.

Stock up on Firewood Logs to brave the winter chill. with Sustainably Sourced Firewood Logs – “Shop For your Logs Here!”