The initial consultation

The residents at this Weymouth apartment complex were concerned about the size of the Cypress tree in their front garden.  It was around sixty feet high, and they were worried about the risk of the tree failing in high winds.  The canopy had a phone line running through it, and, significantly, was just feet away from the busy Dorchester Road.  They Googledtree felling in Weymouth” and then gave us a call after having a look at our website.

Tree Preservation Order

I submitted an application to the local authority after visiting the site to assess the tree.  The tree was protected by a Tree Preservation Order, but the local authority subsequently gave permission to fell it.  This was dependant on replanting the site with another tree that would be suitable.  We proposed to plant a range of ornamental plants, including trees, shrubs and grasses.  The council instructed us to include a Himalayan birch – Betula utilis var. Jacquemontii – an ornamental white-barked tree.  This was a precondition, so it formed part of the permission for carrying out the work.

Felling the tree

We dismantled the tree from the bottom-up, as it was too tall to fell in one piece.   The team removed the lower branches first, then we worked our way up the main stems.  The canopy was effectively split into two halves, with two co-dominant stems. We dismantled the half nearest the property first, as it was closest to the wood chipper and truck.  This freed up space for us to lower the remaining branches, away from the pavement and road below.  We removed around seven tonnes of woodchip from the site, plus three tonnes of wood to process into firewood!  We will grind the stump out next week, then re-plant the area as soon as we have the replacement plants in stock.  Watch out for the follow-up post about the planting!

Tree felling in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester and the surrounding areas

Arborists regard felling a tree as a last resort.  We can often thin or reduce the size of the tree’s canopy to lower the risk of failure.  There will always be some circumstances, however, where felling is the appropriate course of action.  We will always provide straightforward, honest advice about all aspects of tree care, including felling, where appropriate.  Coastal Tree Care offer a free initial consultation about tree felling in Weymouth and the surrounding areas, without any obligation.  Call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874 for expert, professional advice.