How do you choose the right fencing contractor?

Our client at this property in Southill, Weymouth had a large, overgrown line of Lleylandii trees along his garden boundary.  They had not been trimmed for many years and had got completely out of control, taking much of the light out of the garden.  Having decided to remove the trees and replace them with fencing, the next step was to find a reputable local contractor.  Sometimes easier said than done!  He Googledgarden fencing Weymouth” and then gave us a call after having a look at our website.  We could remove the trees, as well as install a new fence, and for a really competitive price!  I’m pleased to say that he chose Coastal Tree Care Ltd – Weymouth fencing specialists.

Feather-board or panel fencing?

Feather-board fencing is usually the best option when installing a new fence for your garden.  It is more durable than panel fencing, because it can be built in-situ to any specification.  We will take into account the degree of exposure to wind, sloping sites and changes of direction.  Some garden boundaries are curved, or you may want to fence around existing garden features.  Fence panels are a standard width, so the post locations are dictated by this.  Feather-board installations are designed and built to suit YOUR garden, so we can be more flexible in our approach.  We have the skill and experience to get it right.  In this project, the client wanted us to fence around the boundary corner, while dealing with the sloping site.

Weymouth fencing specialists

Coastal Tree Care offer a free initial consultation for fencing in Weymouth and the surrounding areas, without any obligation.  Whatever your fencing requirements – from minor repairs like replacing panels, post replacements or new installations – we can help.  You can see a few more examples of our work here.  Call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874 for expert, professional advice.