Weymouth tree safety work

Our clients were concerned about a number of trees that lined the access road to their farm in Osmington, Weymouth.  Several trees had been snapped or suffered from split branches following recent high winds.  Other trees were growing out above the telephone line across the road, so posed a real safety risk.  They GoogledWeymouth tree safety work” and then gave us a call after having a look at our website.  We agreed a date for the work after checking with the council that there were no restrictions on the trees.  Our clients kindly restricted the number of visitors they received on the day, which enabled us to work unhindered.  Tree work always carries risks, but these are much easier to mitigate where public access is limited!

Getting the job done

Several cypress trees had main stems that had split out and fallen into the woodland, causing further damage.  Ash and sycamore branches had also torn out, leaving dangerous hangers above the road.  We prioritised the removal of these hanging branches, to make the area safe for our ground staff.  The next job was to reduce the branches growing above and across the phone line.  This prevents the possible loss of service and disruption to business that might follow from a broken line.  Rupert, our climber, took care of the aerial work while Dale and Sean cleared the debris from the ground.  After all of the waste was chipped, the larger branch wood was retained for firewood.  I’m delighted that our clients could use all of the wood chip on the farm – 100% recycling!

Emergency tree work and storm damage specialists

Coastal Tree Care specialise in tree safety work.  We will always provide straightforward, honest advice about all aspects of tree care, especially emergency work.  If you have trees that suffer storm damage or are concerned about tree safety, do get in touch.  We have the skills, training, equipment and insurance to deal with tree-related issues safely and efficiently.  Call Dale on 07530 686040 or 01305 771874 for expert, professional advice.